Store Fronts


There is an increased need to provide a store front design which protects stores from attacks, burglaries and vandalism. Many inner city stores have histories of multiple attacks. Some of the cost to harden a store front can be o set by a reduced insurance rate.

Our s3-Wall panels will protect against:

  • Ballistic threats (up to 7.62, 149-grain M80 full metal jacketed bullets)

  • Blast (up to 2200 lb. of TNT at 100 feet)

  • Forced Entry (1 hr, 4 locations, using sledge hammer, ax, or similar tools)


    ASAP provides door panels and window panels. Two inch ballistic glass pro- vides the same protection as the panels do. Custom panels are available.

We provide a set of architectural wall covers made from aluminum composite panels to create a couple of storefront de- signs. Thousands of additional designs can be created by using your own architect. The s3-Wall storefront will provide all the protection. Any add on decoration will only create the visible look for the store.

The left side is decorated with ACP covers