The BAM-1A Wall


For most applications, the s3-Wall is replacing the BAM-1A Wall. If there is limited access to bring s3-Wall panels into a building, the BAM Wall can be installed layer by layer.


Anti-Ballistic - Up to the highest UL-752 Level 8.

Anti-Forced Entry - US Department of State (DOS) certified for 1 hour.

Anti-Blast - US Department of State (DOS) certified perimeter wall or exterior wall protection

All the above easily combine with anti-eavesdropping mesh and proven anti-blast windows and doors.






Total Protection


Sound Deadening Capabilities: With an STC of 55 or better.

Fire Resistant: Offering a one hour plus fire rating. Meets flame spread/smoke development criteria.

Freedom of Design and Finish: Interior is sheet rocked allowing variety of finishes. Exterior may be stucco, brick, stone or other.

High Insulation Value: Minimum R40.

Cost Effective: Save on foundation costs, save on time of construction, save by using normal finishes.


Rapid Installation: High speed versus traditional concrete or steel plate wall systems.




UL 752 Level 8; NIJ III

Struck 5 times by 30/06 Field Rifle:

Full Metal Jacket Bullets

Velocity @ 2800 fps

Shot pattern: 4 1⁄2 square inch



Anti Forced Entry


ASAP gets the Department of State Level 2 Forced Entry Certification


Two separate wall ‘attacks’ one on center of field, one on seam.


6-man team attacks the wall with hand tools.


Level 1 Certification: 15-min. Resistance

Level 2 Certification: 1-hour Resistance





This is the ASAP wall that survived multiple blast at Quantico, Virginia during a live demonstration with 50lbs of TNT at 20 feet.

The wall was also tested under a shock tube test with Baker Risk in Texas that equated to 2,000lbs of TNT at 100 feet.