Antiballistic Security And Protection, Inc. (ASAP)


is a Maryland Corporation headquartered in Easton Maryland. The company has assembled a team of seasoned experts in their relative fields to direct what has rapidly become a dynamic opportunity. The leadership is balanced with veterans in architectural design, construction (particularly commercial, government, and military projects), and manufacturing expertise, as well as marketing and administrative experience.


The company was conceived after looking at the challenge of implementing heightened security to a sensitive and historic government facility in Washington, D.C. Existing technology would have called for pouring concrete "bunker" walls which the foundation could not bear without extensive and costly reinforcement that would gravely impact the aesthetics and historical value of the structure.

ASAP Wall Leadership


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The solution to this renovation called for lightweight, highly protective walls that could be quickly installed with minimal disruption to daily operations and no major structural changes to the original building and its foundation. Out of the fresh thinking involved in solving this dilemma, a new technology emerged, which is now covered by a patent assigned to ASAP Walls. The core technology allows for a family of highly protective wall panels.


The latest achievement is the introduction of the s3-Wall.


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