About ASAP Walls

With the introduction of the s3-Wall, ASAP Wall is advancing to become the worlds leading security wall manufacturer. The increasing threat of attacks on people and properties calls for an affordable solution, and we believe that the new s3-Wall is the answer.


Built to Protect Life and Property

We have a history of innovation and using leading-edge technology. Our new multi layer s3-Wall is a continuation of the prooven BAM-1A wall design.The BAM-1A wall has given our clients years of continued protection.


Innovation through R&D

ASAP's success is based on a strong portfolio of world-class technologies, robust expertise, and innovative personnel. To stay at the forefront of the security industry, ASAP continuously develops proprietary technologies.


American Made

Our Easton Maryland facility will be equipped to supply the domestic demand.



The multi-layer BAM-1A wall is protected by a patent. ASAP Walls has filed for another patent to protect the unique multi-layered design of the s3-Wall. The ASAP Wall products will revolutionize the way people protect themselves and their infrastructures.


Layer Materials

We have done extensive testing together with our suppliers to achieve top performance of each wall layer. Our suppliers have automated production lines to guarantee sufficient supplies to satisfy large orders. We only use ISO 9001 certified suppliers.